“Hello World of Making” Project

When learning a new programming language, you start by getting the computer to display “hello world” on the screen.  It is a preliminary confirmation that you can do the basics of the programming language.  With a new makerspace like ours, lots of visitors and future members will want to learn what can be done in the space and how to do the basics on our machinery.

In order to help them, I have tried to design a single project that costs just a few dollars, and that uses a diverse set of machines available at 7Hills Makerspace.  The project is not a fancy high-tech, Arduino based device; it’s a flashlight (and not even a good one at that). It uses 3D printing, circuit board etching, soldering, and laser cutting. It is essentially a “hello world” project for new or future makers.

Hello world flashlight picture

The Hello World of Making" Flashlight

The body is 3D printed (here in red ABS); as is the “on” button.  The top and bottom are laser cut 1/16 inch acrylic.  The top is etched to read “Hello World of Making,” the bottom has the 7Hills Makerspace written out in text and the logo is displayed. The electronic components include a CR2320 battery, battery holder, a resistor, an LED and a push button.

Exploded CAD drawing of flashlight

Exploded view

Flashlight off




The project is still a work in progress.  As you can see, some of the holes don’t line up right yet and expediency lead me to use a yellow LED.  future versions will have bright white LEDs (because I will have gone to the store by then).  I also plan to think throught the processes that are use and schedule them so that waiting time for one project is utilized to get another process started.  For example, while the circuit board is being etched for 20 minutes, Laser cutting and etching could be introduced and started.  While the 3D printer is finishing, Drilling the PCB and soldering could begin.   The goal is to have the build to be of managable duration, not to rushed, but not boring or tedious either.

This is a first attempt.  I plan to change it and improve it.  I would love to hear your ideas about how to make it better.

Hello World of Making!




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