Another Furniture Hack – Easel Lamp

Dude, what’s up with the lamp fetish? Two weeks in a row? I know, right!

Here’s the deal. I will be moving into a new apartment after the first of the year. I want to fix it up and make it stylish and comfortable, but the industrial, architectural stuff I like is just too expensive. No self-respecting maker would pay $2,200 for one of these. So, I decided to try and make my own this weekend.

I started at Hobby Lobby. They have these awesome wooden easels for $50. I happened to have a coupon for 40% off on a single item, so I got one for $30. Schweet.

Next, I found an old ugly lamp in the basement and salvaged the hardware.


I picked up a 15-foot lamp cord at Home Depot for $3.50. The longer cord is important because of the height of the lamp. And I grabbed a can of wood stain (the easels come unfinished) for $8. So, total cost for the lamp: $40.

The easels have a nice flat surface at the top. This was perfect for drilling a 1/2″ hole for the socket post.

Wire up the socket.


Install the halo.

I wanted a more distressed look, so before I stained it, I drug a planer across the legs of the easel at random places.  This creates nice gouges.

Then I wrapped some bolts, nuts and screws in a rag and beat the crap out of it. This creates dents and dimples that look like genuine wear, and they cause the stain to be absorbed in an uneven way. I also took an awl and scratched the wood in random places, and I created some deeper holes and dents.

Finally, I disassembled the easel parts and made a big mess with my stain.

Here’s the finished product.  I’m darn happy with it, especially for $40!

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