7hills Makerspace is a membership-based, not-for-profit, community workshop located in Rome, Georgia.  We are a group of local artists, engineers, business people, educators and economic developers who work together to make tools and resources available for our members that they would not otherwise have access to. We collaborate on various projects in order to learn from each other, share knowledge, and promote community and economic development.

Read The Why from Founder Greg Richardson 


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Owen Kinney told me about your maker space. I am very interested in finding out more! I am a Rome based mathematics teacher, voice artist, video and audio producer, and mechanical engineer. Can you send me info on your open meetings schedule?Thanks — Bob McGraw

      • John, Sorry for not engaging! I have just been too slammed with work, a business on the side, Thanksgiving, & my daughter getting engaged over the last few weeks! I expect to come up for air sometime in January (Oh, and we have a house closing too!). I am really interested in finding out more, I’ve just been tied up. I will reach out again after the first. Thanks — Bob

    • Bob. Sorry for the delayed reply. Your comment got gummed up in the system. We have make-nights every Thursday that are open for the public. Love to have you come visit. We will be there this evening.

  2. Hi there – wanted to tell you about One Spark 2013 – a crowdfunding festival coming to Jacksonville next April. The event was inspired by SXSW in Austin TX, ArtPrize in Grand Rapids MI and Kickstarter.com. It’s an event for makers, entrepreneurs, innovators and creators in art, music, science and technology. Check out our website at beonespark.com. Would love to connect with your organization and start a dialogue! Thanks, Inka

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